Popular Chefs Read One-Star Yelp Reviews About Themselves

Have you ever wondered why great restaurants have so many poor ratings on sites like Yelp and Google?

The folks at Foodbeast got popular chefs to read out bad reviews about their restaurants, and it turns out it's mostly for ridiculous reasons.

Someone rated Scott Ngheim's AFTERS Ice Cream one-star because they close at 9pm, and another said they were only deserving of the lowest rating because ice cream and donuts together wasn't a good idea. What planet are these people on??

Daniel Shemtob of Lime Truck was forced to flip through pages of people who hadn't even eaten his food but still given bad ratings.

Jason Quinn's The Playground got a one-star rating because the food was good, but there was no ketchup. Right. Another person gave a bad review because she loved the food but her uncle didn't.

Logic defies these people. It looks like it's time for Yelp to start vetting who they let use their app.

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