Alligator On Florida Golf Course Fails To Stop Play, Despite Lounging On The Green

A Florida golf tournament went ahead as planned last week despite a huge alligator wandering around the green.

The Myakka Pines Golf Club in Englewood, West Florida, is apparently used to the reptiles popping up on the course.

"If we stopped playing because of alligators, we'd never have golfers," club manager Mickie Zada said.

According to one commenter, the lizard was a massive 12 or 13-feet long, and decided to chill out by one of the holes for a little while.

Despite the regular gator sightings on the course, Mickie Zada said nobody has even been attacked or bitten.

We're still going to stay away, just in case Mick.

The largest alligator ever recorded in Florida wasn't much bigger than this one, clocking in at 14 feet 3 inches. An estimated 1.25 million of the beasts live in the state, with a total of 5 million estimated to reside throughout the south-east of the USA.

Large Alligator Caught