Brazilian Wandering Spiders Found In Tesco Bananas May Cause Painful Four Hour Erections

Spiders Found In Tesco Bananas Can Cause Painful Four-Hour Erections... Or Death

This is the disturbing image of a banana laced with potentially deadly spiders, found by a mum-of-two from Bristol.

The 43-year-old was getting a piece of fruit for her six-year-old daughter when she saw a cocoon of the Brazilian wandering spider - an arachnid with powerful venom that can cause painful four-hour erections and even kill.

Maria Layton managed to put the bananas in the freezer just as the cocoon began to hatch.

"The first banana had a funny bit on it, so I got another one for her and that was when I found the massive spider cocoon," Layton said.

"There was a spider web on the other bananas too.

"I recognised it because I remembered seeing a news story about them, so when I saw the cocoon it rang a bell and I thought I should check it so I googled it.

"I went through the images and there was an image which looked very similar to mine.

"I was so scared - I don't like spiders at the best of times, but have read about the Brazilian Wandering Spiders - and was very frightened about the potential threat.

"The spider cocoon started to unfurl so I put it in a sealed box and put it in the freezer as I read that that is supposed to kill them."

The worried mother contacted Tesco customer services who simply told her to take the bananas, spiders-and-all, back to the store for a refund.

"I was shocked, they failed to see the potential threat to me and my family and thought I was only interested in having a pound or so back.

"I called Food Standards but they said it wasn't anything to do with them, I called Trading Standards but they were shut.

"I spent an hour-and-a-half ringing round trying to get some help - while I had this potentially killer spider in the house."

Tesco issued a statement simply reaffirming their returns policy.

This isn't the first time this particular eight-legged beast has been found in some supermarket fruit. They were also found in 2013 in a bunch of Sainsbury's bananas, and at a OneStop in 2014.

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