The BBC Website Went Down, Replaced By Terrifying Clown Logo

We're sure there's a rational explanation for why the BBC website went down. But what in god's name is that picture they used?

A staring clown, with a menacing smile, who appears to have left a trail of fiery destruction in his wake.

Forget ISIS hackers, or disgruntled Jeremy Clarkson fans, the BBC's scaring us with their own error message. The website is now up and running again.

Upon closer inspection it appears to be the same clown used on the television whenever the BBC went off air. Except then it was used in a perfectly innocent setting, with a small girl playing noughts and crosses. Not against a backdrop of burning doom.

The error message said:

This might be because:

We are experiencing abnormal traffic to our network or

the service or servers it is on is not currently available.

Please try the following options instead:

Try again later once we have solved the problem.

Use our site index

The website apparently experienced technical difficulties which may or may not be evil clown-related.

But Twitter is awash with rumours, as always.