17/03/2015 07:53 GMT | Updated 17/03/2015 08:59 GMT

Cat Owner Instant Karma: Why You Should Never Be Mean To Your Puss

Here is the most karmic-worthy lesson ever on why you should never be mean to your cat – and it’s just 36 seconds long.

The scene: A ginger mog slumbers on a chair. Enter a guitar-wielding owner who rudely strums at the animal, then roughly shoves him out of the seat.

Man plants self in chair and begins twanging tunelessly.

Karma, bitch

Pissed off cat trots up the stairs behind him, taking care to tip a potted plant right onto his head before exiting the frame.

Admit it, that felt good, didn’t it?

The clip was posted to YouTube by Marc Laurent with the comment “I love my cat but I think he don’t love my music… lol,” and was nudging 150,000 views in just two days.