Mean Things Our Parents Did When We Were Little. 'If I Wanted A Biscuit, They Gave Me A Buttered Weetabix'

Parenting isn't easy, god bless 'em, but sometimes, we're lead to wonder exactly where they picked up their er, techniques from.

Following a reminiscing session in the HuffPost UK towers back to the "good old days" when our parents gave us buttered weetabix instead of biscuits, rationed ice cubes and, er, made us brush our teeth with salt... We thought we'd do a quick whip round to see who had the weirdest parents.

Turns out, they were all pretty odd.

*Pictures have been changed in order to protect HuffPost staff identities.

**And to avoid any calls being made to the NSPCC.

Despite not living on the breadline as far as I recall, if I wanted a biscuit I was 'rewarded' with a buttered Weetabix

Mean Things Our Parents Did When We Were Little