Sephora's 'Underage Red' Lipstick Is Making People Pretty Cross

This 'Underage Red' Lipstick Is Making People Pretty Cross

Make-up superstore Sephora has come under some serious online fire for creating a shade of lipstick called 'Underage Red'.

The store teamed up with tattoo artist and US reality TV star Kat Von D to create the controversial cosmetic range - and Twitter users are far from happy...

Parker Molloy, who sparked the debate by posting the photo to to social media, told HuffPost UK Lifestyle that she spotted the product while shopping with her fiancée in Sephora.

"I don't generally wear much makeup, but as a writer, I've always loved the sometimes nonsensical names nail polishes, eye liners, and lipsticks are given. I mean, how many different ways can you say 'This is red'?" she told us exclusively.

She first spotted Urban Decay products called 'Sheer Shame' and 'Walk Of Shame', but then she spotted the 'Underage Red' lipstick.

"I bristled thinking about the connotations of the name, which seem to view being under the age of consent through a sexualized lens," she explained.

"Still, I wasn't 'angry', 'furious', or 'outraged', as a number of headlines have laid out," she added. "I was simply expressing my personal distaste for the name."

Users were quick to add that this isn't the only offensive product on sale in the store.

Still, not everyone finds the products offensive, there are plenty of Twitter users who think that today's whistleblowers are overreacting.

"Get over it, it's just a name," tweeted one user.

Another added: "It's just a f**king lip colour."

The "Underage Red" lipstick has been on sale for more than a year. This isn't the first time the collaboration between Sephora and Von D has been the centre of unwanted media attention. In 2013, Sephora was widely criticised for stocking a lipstick called “Celebutard”.

“People with disabilities are the last to benefit from what some might call ‘political correctness,’ and what I would call basic human decency,” wrote Kim Stagliano, managing editor at Age of Autism, in a blog for HuffPost Style blog. “Retard is still bandied about.”

Following the uproar and a petition, Sephora removed the “Celebutard” lipstick from stores and issued an apology. According to, Von D remained far from remorseful. “At the end of the day, it’s just a f**king lipstick,” she reportedly tweeted, before deleting it.

What do you think of the products? Let us know in the comments below.

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