'Get Off My Lawn': Hilarious Account Of What Life Is Like At 100, According To A Six-Year-Old

A six-year-old boy has proven he is far wiser than his years by penning an account of what life will be like when he's 100 - and it's hilariously insightful.

He may have to wait another 94 years to put this plan into action, but Will has got life as a centenarian all worked out.

"When I'm 100 it will be hard," he begins, showing that he hasn't been swept up by some romantic notion of ageing - this boy's a realist.

So what will be his concerns?

"First, I will read the newspaper," he continues matter-of-factly. "Then I will wear a vest and glasses. Finally, Get off my lawn."

He clearly has his priorities in order, (although we hope the glasses are for short-shortsightedness, as otherwise reading the paper before putting them on may be something of a struggle).

"I think it will be cool when I'm 100!" he concludes.

We do too Will, we do too...

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