17/03/2015 13:21 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Smelfies! Dads Wrinkling Their Noses At Dirty Nappies Is Latest Photo Trend

Dad changing child's nappy

Is there no end to the Selfie phenomenon? It started off simply enough: take a photo of yourself, post it on Twitter, receive replies from hundreds of people asking: "Why?"

The most famous example, of course, was Ellen DeGeneres' star-studded selfie at the Oscars, which went on to become the most retweeted Tweet of all time.

However, selfie-obsession needed to evolve and quick to capitalise was generously-derriered Kim Kardashian who started a wave of Belfies – that is, self-shot photos of one's backside (can also be called Shelfie, depending on your sticky-outness).

And now new dads have got in on the act with the creation of the Smelfie.

Invented by Australian comedian and father Adam Hills, the smelfie is essentially dads taking selfies while changing their kids' nappies (aka Barfie?).

Adam started the trend after he tweeted a photo of himself holding up his daughter's dirty nappy with a look of nose-wrinkling disgust on his face.

Since then, he has been encouraging other dads to get more involved with diaper duty and to snap smelfies of their own.

He told his 342,000 followers "I'm encouraging more dads to change their babies' dirty nappies. "I call this a #smelfie. Feel free to post your own."

He then added: "Anyone unhappy with that needs a sense of humour transplant."

Since making his Twitter rallying call, dozens of dads have jumped on board the trend.

For example:

Which begs the question: what next for the 'Elfie phenomenon?

Here are a few suggestions:

Elfie: people snap themselves helping Santa

Felfie: dirty cats.

Helfie: super-fit folks show off their washboard stomachs while secretly crying inside.

Jelfie: turning green while seeing your partner flirt with someone better looking than you.

Lolfie: over-laughing at your mobile phone camera.

Moufie: dentists reveal their own cavities.

Nelfie: circus performers go trumpety-trump as they wave goodbye.

Oifie: road ragers photograph themselves shouting at bad drivers.

Pelfie: pouts (not penises - that's Snapchat)

Relfie: mum, dad, son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa – all in one shot.

Stelfie: a sneaky shot of you and someone who doesn't know you've taken it.

Twelfie: a selfie with a dozen people in the frame (see also Relfie)

Velfie: let's not go there, eh?

Welfie: waving wads of cash while looking like a complete tool.

Wifie: frustrated married women try to work out what's gone wrong with the broadband.

Wolfie: Snapping yourself while dressed as Citizen Smith or Red Riding Hood's granny imposter.

Yelfie: jaundiced? Shout it out.