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The One Thing Hannibal Lecter Is More Interested In Than Women...

We always thought Hannibal Lecter had a thing for the ladies. Turns out, he likes sleek Danish furniture even more.

Danish star Mads Mikkelsen - of Hannibal and Le Chiffre in Casino Royale fame - stars in the second short film launched by Danish international furniture retailer BoConcept, The Guest, a follow-up to the brand's successful debut short film, The Call, which has racked up over 1,335,000 views on YouTube in the few weeks since its debut in February.

The film sees Mads showing off his humorous side as he pals around with co-star and friend Dejan Cukic (who also directed both the short films) after inviting him over to his place for a visit.

Shot in BoConcept designer Morten Georgsen's Valencia, Spain villa, bikini babes traipse around the house and frolic poolside, much to Dejan's delight. Mads has other interests, however...

"It was great to join up with Dejan," said Mads of the collaboration.

"We go way back and have had a lot of fun together through the years, so it was easy to play two good friends who seem to have this implied understanding although it appears that we may have grown apart and now have different interests - and obviously my interests are now a bit more grown up than Dejan's."

While Dejan is distracted by the beauties roaming around Mads' pad, the Cannes Best Actor winner is more interested in showing off his stylish multi-tasking furniture from BoConcept, which includes a sofa with reclinable headrest, a functional coffee table with built-in storage, an extendable dining table and a massive bed with under-bed storage - big enough for a bikini babe to hide out in, much to Mads' displeasure.

"Compared to the previous film The Call, which was high on drama, we wanted to make something more light-hearted and fun, and Mads is perfect in the role as the furniture geek while I get to look at beautiful women," explained actor and director, Dejan Cukic.

"That's the advantage of also being the director. I get to cast the roles."