'Mario Party 10' Wii U Review: Party Hard

'Mario Party 10' is out for the Nintendo Wii U from 20 March 2015.

You might think it’s not time to Mario Party. But it’s always time to Mario Party. And when it's time for Nintendo to Mario Party, Nintendo will always Mario Party Hard.

You know what it’s like. Let’s say… let’s say you work all night. And when you work, it’s not always easy to feel alright. But with a Wii U under your TV, everything is alright. Because Nintendo — as we know — will never listen to your rules. (Not your rules on current gaming trends. And not your rules on how many entries in a series of surprisingly complex but ultimately simple, bright and colourful mini-game collections are too many.)

Nintendo knows what it wants, and it does what it likes, and it likes what it, er, do.

So let's get a Mario Party going,

Let’s get a Mario Party going. Let’s throw in the discs, or eShop download codes, connect our Amiibo, get together on the couch and get a party going.

Let’s roll the virtual dice, control our Mario characters across platform courses, motion games, mini soccer matches and 1-versus-4 matches featuring a ridiculously huge Bowser against the other partiers. And let’s enjoy ourselves. Because, as I have mentioned, when it’s time to Mario Party we should always party hard. Party Hard. Party Hard. Party Hard. &ct.

At times you might feel exhausted playing Mario Party 10. Yeah. You’ll fight that fight. You’ll fight a sense of overwhelmed chaos at the variety of the watertight Nintendo gameplay on offer, and the various mechanical devices in place which ostensibly deepen the experience but more often make it quite difficult to actually start having fun.

But when things stop feeling all right, everything is all right - because this is a Mario Party. It’s hewn from beautiful, high-resolution graphics the equal of any of Nintendo’s recent highlights. Nintendo - she is beautiful. Na na na nana na nah. And you ain’t got nothing to lose - she looks good and it’s true. Nintendo is beautiful (she is beautiful).

There is only one way to play Mario Party. You need to get wet, tear it up,never stop living in the red and Mario Party — Mario Party Till You Puke. You’ll like to play, and you’ll do it all day. Because we got no worries. Nintendo makes what it wants, and it takes what it wants. And we’re in no hurry. Cos we’re never going to stop. We’re going to have a fun night, with Mario Party 10, after an initial investment of £34.99 and £10 a time for various Amiibo figures, whose functionality is limited but whose appeal is undeniable. It’s going to be a fun night.

So look - there are issues here. This Mario Party is a complex, perhaps bloated entry in a very long running and bizarre series. But it’s also ridiculously good fun at its best. And ultimately, if you give it a go, you’ll have a party. So let’s get a party going. Let’s get a party going. It’s time to party, and you’ll party hard. Party hard. Party hard, party hard, party hard party hard, party hard, party hard party hard, party hard, party hard party hard, party hard, party hard.

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