Danny Alexander's Yellow Liberal Democrat Budget Box Has Twitter In A Photoshop Frenzy

Danny Alexander's Yellow Budget Box Makes Him A Laughing Stock

Chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander spoke to the House of Commons on Thursday to outline what he would do differently in response to Chancellor George Osborne's Budget, announced on Wednesday.

Alexander's 'alternative' Liberal Democrat plan didn't go quite as well as Osborne's, and it was made even worse by his briefcase.

The Lib Dem cabinet minister had a special yellow Budget box made, presumably to make a statement or garner more attention, but it just made him a laughing stock.

What's in his lunchbox today?

He'll be the envy of the whole playground with this thing:

If only he could find that piece he needs.

Although it could contain a sign of things to come ahead of 7 May:

He might have to go home soon:

Even Prezza was getting in on the act:

And he didn't exactly get much support from his 56 other fellow Lib Dem MPs, with even two of the party's cabinet ministers, energy secretary Ed Davey and Scottish secretary Alistair Carmichael, appearing to be absent.

But Labour were keen to help Danny out by passing him over the real budget he helped deliver yesterday.

Still, he could get a new job on This Is Your Life:

An end to austerity! Eventually.

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