Kate Middleton Royal Baby Name Decided By Winner Of Important Corgi Race

Royal Baby Name And Sex Confirmed By Important Corgi Race

Now the name and sex of Prince George’s usurper have also been revealed – after a tense corgi race.

Ten of the noble dogs so favoured by the Queen took part in the important event, believed to be the first of its kind.

Corgis racing in the name of the royal baby

Organised by bookmaker Ladbrokes, it saw five dogs assigned male royal names and a further five with female monikers.

Based on this data alone, we can reveal the royal baby will definitely, absolutely, definitively be a girl called Alexandra.

A Ladbrokes spokesman said: “Alexandra romped to victory and it looks like Kate will soon be giving birth to a little girl next month.

“Royal baby betting is booming and the arrival of the new heir to the throne is sure to see a record amount of wagers placed.”

Soon it will be time

One can only assume those cunning pups know something we don’t.


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