Why Should You Vote? Here's Rick Edwards With The Answer

Why Should You Vote? Rick Edwards Has The Answer

"When people don't vote, they get marginalised and forgotten about," BBC Three's Rick Edwards told us last week.

The former T4 frontman is on a mission to motivate the country into voting in May's general elections - even if they don't actually want to vote.

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"I think it's entirely legitimate to feel like you don't want to vote for any of the parties," he told us. "I think there should be a none of the above option, which I talk about [in his new book, None of the Above], but in the meantime spoiling your ballot at least says: 'I want to make my voice heard, to vote, to be involved, it's just none of you are representing me enough.'"

You can buy the book here, but luckily Rick's also summed up why you should vote in a two minute video, exclusively for HuffPost UK.

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