Charlie Sheen Accused Of Racism After Twitter Rant About President Barack Obama

Charlie Sheen has been accused of racism after he posted a tweet about President Barack Obama.

The ‘Anger Management’ actor had been making a point on his Twitter page about the funeral of Major General Harold Greene, which the President did not attend, claiming it was unfair for him to miss memorial services for war veterans when he could make time for basketball brackets.

Charlie Sheen

Writing on his Twitter page, Charlie addressed the President as “Barry Satera Kenya”, along with a message questioning his priorities as a public figure.

However, a lot of people have claimed that it was racist of him to refer to Barack Obama as such, because his father originally came from Kenya.

Charlie himself has defended himself from accusations of racism, insisting that the nickname he used was one he actually heard Obama use himself in jest, asking his Twitter followers: “So is he bad to? [sic]”

He also used the hashtag #FoSpeech, though, no, we’re still not exactly sure what that means either.

Of course, Charlie is no stranger to scandal, and the last time we saw him, he was chatting to a shocked fan at Taco Bell, to whom he confessed he was “f***ing hammered”.

Before that he was causing an uproar on Twitter once again, although this time it was Rihanna on the receiving end of his furious jibes, after the ‘FourFiveSeconds’ singer refused to meet with him while they were dining at the same restaurant.

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