Solar Eclipse 2015 Live

For the first time in 16 years, millions of people in the United Kingdom will be able to witness an almost total solar eclipse.

Starting at around 08:30GMT, the Moon will cover up to 98 per cent of the Sun depending on where you live. Edinburgh is expected to lose well over 90 per cent of its daylight whereas areas further south such as London will lose only 85 per cent.

The UK will experience only a partial solar eclipse, meaning that the Moon will never fully cover the Sun. The total solar eclipse will cast its shadow much further north so can only be seen (without the use of a boat) in the Faroe Islands or Svalbard.

The Met Office forecasts have predicted heavy cloud coverage for much of the event however there is some hope that at around 09:00AM the clouds will begin to break giving people a chance to see it.

Met Office cloud coverage forecast for 09:00AM shows heavy cloud across much of the UK.

Experts have been warning the population not to look at the event directly, even with the current weather conditions as even mild exposure to the Sun can still damage the eyes.

This has also applied to the act of taking a 'selfie' as even the reflected light off a smartphone could cause irreparable damage.

Despite the poor weather, people are already gathering at parks, on top of hills and heading out of congested areas in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the solar eclipse.

There won't be another total solar eclipse in the UK until 2090.

Partial Solar Eclipse Over Central Europe

Solar Eclipse around Europe

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