Five Microwave Food Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Five Microwave Food Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Microwaves are for more than just reheating leftover lasagne or blitzing scrambled eggs. When used imaginatively they can create some truly delicious treats to fill your belly up in no time.

Here are five easy-to-follow microwave tricks that can be prepared faster than you can say "ready meal".

Crispy Taco Shells

What you need: Two mugs, one plate and two tortilla wraps

Method: Simply fold the one tortilla in each mug and place them tortilla-side down on the plate. Heat for approximately one minute. Then remove the wraps from the mug and add a filling of your choice.


Hot Frothed Milk

What you need: Milk and a mason jar

Method: Put the milk in the mason jar, screw on the lid and shake it for 30 seconds. Heat for about one minute and watch the foam rise! Then simply add the frothed milk to your espresso shot and sip.

Fruit Juice

What you need: Fruit and juicer

Method: Slice the fruit in half and heat for 10-20 seconds. That way you'll be able to squeeze out more juice.

Better Bacon

What you need: Bacon, a plate and paper towels

Method: Place the bacon slices inside the folded paper towel, place on the plate and heat for one minute per bacon slice.

DIY Popcorn

What you need: Paper bag and popcorn kernels

Method: Add half a cup of kernels to the bag, fold it over a few times and microwave for three minutes. Enjoy!

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