Meet 'Pompous Albert', The Cat Who Looks Permanently Angry

Having 'bitchy resting face' is an unfortunate affliction. Not least when you're a cat.

Take Albert, here. Whose owners clearly think he suffers not so much from 'bitchy resting face' but 'pompous resting face' - because his Instagram account is called Pompous Albert. Where, we also learn, he's named after Albert Einstein. Well, he does have that crazy grey hair thing going on....

Albert lives in Salt Lake City, and is apparently a rejected show cat. But we feel that he's got the last laugh (not that he ever laughs). Because Albert is now a grumpy-faced internet star, with over 24,000 Instagram followers. Not bad for a cat who looks like he's permanently judging you...

Long hair, and I for real don't care. #tbt #pompousalbert @sagebrushfineart @alberttailsfromtheoffice

A photo posted by Albert (@pompous.albert) on

They call it #permascowl

A photo posted by Albert (@pompous.albert) on

The term"handsome devil" began with me. @sagebrushfineart @alberttailsfromtheoffice

A photo posted by Albert (@pompous.albert) on

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