Elephants Save Lorry In Muddy Ditch From Overturning In Louisiana

A pair of helpful elephants heroically stepped in to prevent a lorry from overturning.

The 18-wheeler had become stuck in a muddy lay-by and was teetering towards a ditch when the driver contacted the authorities.

Louisiana police arrived at the scene to find two of the lorry crew – of the grey trunked variety – leaning against the vehicle and keeping it upright.

Two elephants managed to keep the lorry steady until help arrived

The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office says the truck was carrying three elephants from New Orleans to Dallas but got stuck on Tuesday when it pulled over onto the soft shoulder of Interstate 49 near Powhatan, about halfway through its trip.

The 18-wheeler was in danger of overturning after pulling over in a muddy lay-by

The owner of the elephants had led two of them out of the trailer and corralled them into preventing the truck from falling further, the BBC reports.

The lorry was eventually freed from the mud by a wrecker.

It’s not clear who owns the elephants.

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