Watch The Wonderful Moment That Colour Blind People Try Glasses That Help Them See Colour For The First Time

Powerful Video Shows The Moment Colour Blind People See Colour For The First Time

A manufacturer claims to have created glasses which help people with colour blindness to see properly.

The glasses from EnChroma and Valspar can reportedly change the vision of those who are colour blind, allowing them to see colour again.

A touching advertisement for the super specs films the moment that people with colour blindness see colours for the first time.

One man, Keith, reveals that he was six or seven when he first realised there was an issue with his sight.

"I didn't really know there was such thing as colour blindness at the time," he revealed. "I thought maybe I wasn't intelligent enough to tell, 'cause I didn't know.

"I didn't tell my parents. I stopped painting and drawing."

Dedicated father, Andrew, simply wishes he could see colours so that he could understand how his kids put them together when they draw.

"It's not that I can't name them, it's just that there's nothing there," he reveals. "It's just grey, grey, and grey."

After donning the glasses, one man exclaims: "Oh look at that! There's this whole end of the spectrum that I was completely not aware of. I'm getting misty. This is amazing," he beams.

Another, rather tearful, woman reveals: "I never realised how much I was affected by the fact that I can't see the world the way other people see the world."

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Are You Colorblind?

According to the advert nearly 300 million people worldwide are colour blind. Of course, with something that could potentially restore colour to the lives of many, the ad went viral and racked up over one million views on YouTube.

But, despite what's been claimed the glasses can achieve, they've received mixed reviews.

Lance Ulanoff, chief correspondent for Mashable, said that the glasses made no difference, while the New York Times described them as "joyous" and "breath-catching".

EnChroma has since revealed that the glasses only work with 80% of cases. Meaning a cheeky purchase could be a gamble - especially at £235 a pop.

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