Comedian Damienne Merlina Responds To Ari Shaffir Calling Her Fat In The Best Way

US comedian Damienne Merlina has hit back at fellow comic Ari Shaffir who used his part in Comedy Central show "Passive Aggressive" to make fun of her size and disability.

Shaffir said Merlina was "so annoying" and "had that fat smell" which he joked was made worse by the fact she only has one arm to wash with.

The skit also implied the two had spoken regularly in the past, although Merlina claims to have only had "two paragraphs" of conversation with him.

Ari Shaffir

In an emotional video, the female comedian responded by telling the story of how her arm was ripped off in a car accident and attacked Shaffir for his lack of decency.

"This isn’t funny. It’s not comedy. It’s bullying. You can still be a funny person without being super-duper crappy to other people."

Fighting back tears, Merlina showed the world how much Shaffir's words hurt and how much it brought up from her life.

She then ended the video in a typically hilarious way:

"Hey Ari, have you ever heard of stem cell research? Because my arm just started to grow back."

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