Martin Freeman From The Hobbit Wants People To Vote Labour

On the first day of the formal election campaign, the Labour Party have unveiled a celebrity supporter. Martin Freeman, the star of The Hobbit, The Office and Sherlock, has recorded a video message urging people to back Ed Miliband.

"Really, for me, there's only one choice, and I choose Labour," he says. "The Tories have got sod all to offer the young. Whereas Labour will invest in the next generation's education and guarantee apprenticeships."

David Cameron kicked off the election today by presenting it as a choice between him and Miliband. "I will be going to all four corners of all four nations of our United Kingdom with one clear message. Together we are turning our country around and for your sake, your families sake, the sake of your children and their future, we must see this through together."

The Hobbit - Warner Bros

The Hobbit

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