OK Go Have Made An Advert For The Chinese Furniture Store Red Star Macalline, And It's Brilliant

We're used to hearing about - if not actually seeing - adverts that Western actors and pop stars make in the Far East. Who can forget Suntory Time, for example?

And now OK Go are the latest purveyors of such Eastern wares. Specifically: Chinese furniture.

The resulting commercial is full of the optical illusions that are a trademark of their quirky, brilliant music videos (see below) - and its soundtrack is an electropop-style remix of their hit 'I Won't Let You Down'.

OK Go - Red Star Macalline Advert

"This is a commercial we did for the Chinese furniture store Red Star Macalline," explain the band on YouTube. "It's a visual reference to our video 'The Writing's on the Wall' but set to a remix of 'I Won't Let You Down' by our very own Dan Konopka. Because sometimes you just make what you want."

And here's a lovely little bonus behind-the-scenes video, to boot: