This Is The Best Formula To Follow When It Comes To Eating (Or Binning) Mouldy Food

There's nothing worse than opening a tub of blueberries to find a furry friend tucked away among them.

Mould is a pain in the backside - and once one berry goes, you've pretty much lost the bunch.

Eye Opener TV reports that with soft foods, once part of it has gone mouldy it's a good idea to ditch the entire pack altogether because chances are, the mould has spread and contaminated everything.

With hard foods such as cheese and pears, you can simply cut around the mould and munch away.

And if you do eat mouldy food, then you're doing it at your own peril as it can cause allergic reactions and, in serious cases, respiratory failure.

It also creates mycotoxins which make you sick.

The lesson to take away from this? Bin the soft foods and don't eat them. Keep the hard foods and chop around the furry bits.

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