George Galloway's Twitter Response To Bradford Brewery 'Not A Threat,' He Says

George Galloway has had a Twitter spat with a pub so bizarre it led to one of his rival candidates visiting the premises in "solidarity".

Galloway, who is tee-total, responded to brewery and pub The Bradford Brewery, which tweeted to ask whether he was "still a thing", by asking whether "a licensed premises in my constituency should really be writing that?"

The pub replied that, since the dissolution of parliament, Galloway is no longer an MP and as such Bradford West is not "his" constituency.

Galloway replied it had been "most unwise" and ominously said he would "return to this matter" after the election.

The pub called this a "petty threat" which Galloway denied, saying it was a "promise", without clarifying the difference.

The pub suggested Galloway visit them for a coffee, which he refused. He then copied in the local police force when the pub swore and called him "a first class idiot".

When the pub repeated the "first class idiot" jibe, Galloway stepped up his claims they were being "unwise" by calling the pub "sir" in the tweet.

Galloway also retweeted someone who suggested the local council would help get it shut down.

George Grant, the Tory candidate for the seat, was moved by the spat to visit the pub while campaigning to show "solidarity".

Bradford Brewery's Matt Halliday told Buzzfeed he sent the initial tweet because Galloway was the only candidate to have not visited them during the campaign.

He said: “In Bradford there’s a running joke of the hashtag #blockedbygalloway. If he loses an argument on Twitter he blocks you, so half of Bradford has been blocked by him. People have been coming in to the pub and saying ‘if you’re not blocked by Galloway, you’re not in the inner circle’. We’re now in the inner circle.”

With that, the pub moved on to more important matters.