Tamsin Greig's West End Performance Of 'Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown' Interrupted By Couple Having Sex In Stalls

Tamsin Greig's West End Show Interrupted By Couple Having Sex In Front Row

The actors were forced to complain at a recent West End show, when they found themselves distracted by some amorous goings-on in the front row of the stalls.

The cast of 'Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown', starring Tamsin Greig and Haydn Gwynne, were forced to have a word with an usher, who approached the couple during the interval and asked them to "save it for after the show".

Audience, and cast, got more than they bargained for at a recent performance of Tamsin Greig's West End show

Audience members at London's Playhouse Theatre also professed themselves "excruciatingly embarrassed" with theatre blogger West End Wilma telling the Sun, "My jaw dropped. Never have I found myself unknowingly sat next to these types of shenanigans."

The show is the musical version of Pedro Almodovar's hit 1998 comedy drama of the same name.

There has been no official word as yet on which aspect of the plot set the couple off.

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