'TOWIE' Stars Amy Childs And Joey Essex Share Their Totally Qualified And Much-Needed Views On The General Election

Like most Britons, you’re probably holding off making a decision about who to vote for in next month’s General Election until you have the opinions of some former ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ cast members to help you weigh up all the facts.


Luckily for you, ‘TOWIE’ alumni Joey Essex and Amy Childs have now shared their views on important political subjects, because they are both definitely qualified to do that.

Definitely. Both of them.

Amy Childs

Addressing what issues she thinks politicians should be tackling, in an interview with The Sun, Amy hits out at “benefits spongers”, insisting she doesn’t want to see her hard-earned tax money going to people who refuse to work, even calling out members of her own family.

“I love my auntie more than anything but she lives off benefits. She has nine children and that is her life.

“Sometimes people like that upset me. I look at her and she’s had a lot of money from the Government. And there’s me working my a*** off.”

Like Myleene Klass before her, Amy also pans the Labour party’s mansion tax, which would see owners of higher-value properties paying a higher tax rate than others.

Joey Essex

Joey, on the other hand, is more concerned with the “childish” way politicans go about their business, insisting he thinks that even he is more grown up than some party leaders - and he couldn’t even tell the time until last year.

“They are all horrible to each other and if they couldn’t do that the political world would be a better place.”

He also claims politicians should be “more normal” and let the public see them wearing “onesies and that”.

Joey recently spoke to Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg as part of his upcoming ITV2 series, but revealed during an interview he thought the party was actually called the ‘Liberal Democats’.

He will front a special edition of his show ‘Educating Joey Essex’ entitled ‘General Election, What Are You Saying?!’, where he’ll be boosting his political knowledge so he can make an informed decision in the election.

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