Best Life Hack Ever? How To Peel A Hard-Boiled Egg Using A Glass Of Water And A Whole Lot Of Shaking

Boiled eggs are the unsung superheroes of the egg world.

Until, that is, you have to peel them.

To keep everyone's sanity in check, one smart specimen has uploaded a super-quick (we're talking 30 seconds) YouTube tutorial showing how to peel the protein-packed foodstuff with ease.

Forget spending four hours pulling those tiny egg shell shards from your egg - and picking them out of the rest of your dinner. This simple trick is all you need in your life:

1) Pop a boiled egg into a glass of water and place your hand on top of the glass. Curve your palm slightly to create a sealed lid effect over the glass.

2) Shake the glass like your life depends on it (for approximately six-eight seconds). Please note: it's worth doing this over a sink so that you don't splash water everywhere.

3) Take the egg out of the glass and as you do so, the shell should literally fall away from the rest of your egg.


It's really no wonder that the video, which was uploaded by Micah Media, has now had over 16 million views on YouTube.

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