08/04/2015 07:10 BST | Updated 08/04/2015 07:59 BST

Women Share Brilliantly Honest Stories Of Their First Periods To Tackle Social Taboos Around Menstruation

The majority of women have periods, and, slowly but surely, it seems we're finally learning to talk about them without blushing.

In the above advert, created by underwear brand Dear Kate, a group of 20 women share brilliantly honest stories of their "first time".

"It was definitely pink, it wasn't red like it is now, and I thought 'how did melted candy get into my underwear'," one laughs.

The women reveal the unusual ways they dealt with their period before they discovered tampons and sanitary pads, with some admitting to stuffing socks and kitchen roll in their knickers.

"I went to the grocery store and stole a pack on tampons," one admits. "But I didn't know about tampons so they were super plus!"


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The aim of the advert is to tackle the taboo of talking about periods. After all, periods are natural, and women should't be ashamed of having them.

"Our goal with the film is to reframe the moment of getting your period so it's just as talked about and has just as much cachet as the time you first had sex, if not more," the video description reads.

Dear Kate's video comes after a photo showing menstruation by artist Rupi Kaur was removed from Instagram last month.

The image was later restored to Instagram with a full apology and it seems to have inspired more women to join the campaign to normalise periods.

We say, about bloody time.

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