East Midlands Airport Plane Picture Shows How Plane Wheels Snapped During Landing

This incredible image shows how wheels snapped off a plane as it landed at East Midlands Airport.

The plane skidded 370ft (115m) along the runway after the landing gear was torn off as it landed after the flight from Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris.

A report from the Air Accidents Investigations Board (AAIB) released on Thursday said: “During the landing rollout at East Midlands Airport, as the aircraft’s speed reduced…The aircraft shuddered and rolled slightly left-wing-low as the lower part of the left main landing gear (MLG) detached.”

The plane's wheel lies on the runway after it snapped off during landing

The AAIB said that this was caused by heat damage, leading to the landing gear’s inner cylinder cracking.

The Boeing 737 was carrying 10 tonnes of freight at the time of the incident on 29 April last year.

The report added: "The co-pilot made a transmission to the tower controller, reporting that the aircraft was in difficulties, after which the co-pilot of another aircraft made a transmission referring to smoke from the 737's landing gear.

"He was concerned that the aircraft might be on fire."

Two crew were on board the plane at the time, although there were no passengers.

No one was hurt in the incident at the Derbyshire airport.