George Osborne Pictured At Hoover Factory On General Election 2015 Campaign Trail

This is George Osborne as you’ve never seen him before.

The Chancellor insists that he has fixed the economy - but he’s also clearly keen to prove he’s handy at sorting out other things too.

Osborne was first snapped ceremoniously screwing a handle onto a vacuum cleaner during his visit to the factory that make the famous 'Henry' brand in Chard, Somerset.

Osborne Hoover

He then proceeded to get down and dirty fixing cars at a garage near St Austell, Cornwall.

Proving he was one of the boys, a grubby Gideon was pictured helping apprentices to change oil before handing out cups of builders brew. Like a lad.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter quickly erupted following his visits.

George Osborne

Referencing Osborne’s gleeful face as he clutched a Hoover, Simon Stewart tweeted: “Then the Gideon model becomes available. It's crap, works well for the rich but ultimately won't work again after early May.”

Adam Hosker said: “Sucking up our trade deficit.”

Tom Morris added: “Working on suckers as usual.”

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