09/04/2015 14:47 BST | Updated 09/06/2015 10:12 BST

Hairstyles For Long Hair: How To Do A Mermaid Braid

Festival season is on the way and aside from your perfectly styled outfit and footwear, you'll also need a boho-chic hairstyle.


This year, try swapping flower crowns and hair jewellery for a mermaid plait. It's similar to a fishtail braid, only messier, and best of all, this style actually works better with dirty tresses - great news if you'll be spending three days in a tent with nothing but dry shampoo to rescue your locks with.

You'll just need a thin hair tie, an elastic band, a few curby grips and hairspray.

Never done one before? Watch this how to video and follow the simple tips below:

1. Tie an elastic band around your remaining hair from the nape of the neck.

2. Dampen the hair down with water (this makes it easier to work with.)

3. Split your hair into two parts.

4. Take a smaller piece of hair from the outside of the right part, fold it over that section and then under the left section. Repeat from the left.

5. When your plait is complete, tie a band at the bottom and cut the elastic band from the top (being careful not to catch any of your own hair!)

6. For the messy mermaid look, pull apart sections of the fishtail to loosen the plait and add texture to the style.

Not a fan of the fishtail? Try the always-elegant braided crown style instead: