10/04/2015 07:35 BST | Updated 10/06/2015 06:12 BST

5 Ways To Work The 70s Beauty Trend

There's no escaping this season's obsession with the 70s. After seasons of pastel wash eyeshadow, 60s liner flicks and 80s fluro colour pops, make up artists and fashion designers have fallen back in love with the decade ruled by Farrah Fawcett, Jane Birkin and Jerry Hall. Pale skin is out and tan is back. Tanned skin, tan leather, tan-toned hair – you name it, if you can make it look sunkissed and sexy, you're onto a winner...


Earthy eyes

The era that brown boomed in, matte chocolate and warm chestnut eyeshadows buffed across lids will recreate that easy breezy eye look seen at Gucci, Blumarine and Alberta Ferretti. Rather then heavily structured liner, use a soft blending brush to stretch the colour out into an almond shape at the outer edges to lengthen your eyes, then layer up with brown mascara. Yes, that's back too and is no longer considered a poor relation to its onyxy black counterparts. The easiest way to ace the natural look, it makes the whites of your eyes look brighter too.

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Bronzed skin

All that time spent skipping through fields, living out of campervans and soaking up the sun made for a freckly complexion and golden limbs. We've no firm stats on the temperatures of British summer's back then but go with it. For the body, use a gradual tan to replicate the real thing and for the face, go for a two-pronged approach. Apply St Tropez's Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil, £23, before bed and overnight it'll give you a good healthy glow you can build on with bronzer. Then choose a matte product and dust it over areas the sun would naturally hit – forehead, down the bridge of your nose and across your cheeks diffusing any lines with a brush. You want your tan to look even; this is nothing like contouring.

Amber lips

Orange lips look great with tanned skin so if you want to embrace this trend to the max, it's satsuma and peachy tones you need. Not sure you can pull it off? Add an orange lipstick on top of your favourite red – it won't seem as scary. Or try a gloss formula. It fits perfectly with the laidback-come-luxe effect that takes you from sunset on the beach to Studio 54. Failing that, a lip-plumping nude will be your best add-on but again, keep it high-shine – you want to offset that matte bronze skin everywhere else.

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Flicky hair

Pretty plaits and flicked out waves styled in centre partings were staple 70s styles. Airy textures injected into roots and ends are key – you need your hair to bob up and down as you walk. Prep with a volumising shampoo and conditioner to provide a bouncy foundation then reach for a pair of large barreled tongs – anything too narrow will create curls and hair back then wasn't as structured as that. Be sure you apply a heat protection spray, then wind your hair away from your face. Never start the waves above eye level and if you have a fringe, you want to just the ends to bend backwards. Finish your Fawcett flick by setting everything with a medium hold hairspray – it'll avoid any crispiness and don't worry if there's a hint of frizz - baby hairs and floaty flyaways make everything look more authentic.

Delicate adornments

Full-on feathers in your hair might be a bit much but if you really want to embrace the Charlie's Angels era, add in a hair accessory. Great if your hair is that little bit shorter or you want your braids to have hippy chic kerb appeal, all the designers were at it for spring/summer 15. At Marchesa, models walked wearing flower crowns, at Bottega Veneta bejeweled floral headpieces took centre stage while at Valentino, gilded seashells gave wavy hair a boho twist. For a ridiculously easy way to work the look, slip on a dainty hair crown. Placed over your head so it sits just beneath your hairline or resting part way down your fringe, add some discreet grips either side (just behind your ears) to stop it slipping. Delicate and super cool in equal parts, gold tones with petal or plumage trims spell out 70s.