Ed Sheeran Visits Cancer Patient Jess Knight In New Zealand Hospital After She Misses Concert (VIDEO)

Ed Sheeran has won our hearts all over again after adorably making a young girl's day at a New Zealand hospital.

Jess Knight, who was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, was too weak to make it to one of the singer's shows, so issued a heartwarming plea online begging him to visit her.

And he did - on Jess's 20th birthday, Ed paid a visit to the Auckland hospital, where she was receiving treatment.

"It was so unreal," Jess told TVNZ. "He was just a genuinely nice guy."

Jess has since gone into remission and her mother is already busy planning a way to make her next birthday even better.

Ed Sheeran

The 'A-Team' singer was alerted to Jess' plight when friend Anna Strong set up a Facebook event to raise awareness.

"We see Ed do amazing stuff for his fans all the time and the power of messages going viral these days is so crazy," Anna explained. "So why not try."

Using the hashtag #KiaOraEdPlsVisitJess, the young girls managed to get what they wanted, earning a visit from Ed himself.

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