Acro Yoga: The Fitness Trend Taking Partnered Acrobatics And Yoga To New Heights (Literally)

If you're still wobbling in your downward dog then the concept of partnered yoga may seem impossible. Add a dollop of acrobatics, and our minds are sufficiently blown.

Say hello to Acro Yoga (or observe from a safe distance).

The practice blends acrobatics with yogic consciousness. Typically, one partner acts as a base while the other performs acrobatics with the support of the base partner.

It benefits both the partners immensely by enhancing the feeling of trust and connection between partners while also building stronger bodies, says Sam Malone from Home Remedies.

She adds: "The person who acts as a base can build up his strength while another person can increase his body’s flexibility, and vice versa. Since partners can interchange their positions, this form of yoga provides flexibility and strength to both partners."

Now, a couple of athletes have taken Acro Yoga to impressive new heights (somewhat literally) by engaging in the practice on top of the majestic 600ft pillars of Moab - all of which was captured in this incredible footage.

Speaking to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, the makers of the awe-inspiring video revealed that the athletes were completely unharnessed when engaging in the movements.

And, somewhat scarily, they were practicing Acro Yoga little more than a foot from the edge: "These athletes completely control every fluid movement with precision."

Impressed much? Here are six other people on Instagram taking Acro Yoga to new heights...

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