Nigel Farage On BBC Election Debate Is A Good Example Of How Not To Treat An Audience


Ukip have complained that the audience of the challengers' debate were unrepresentative of the average British voter, with Nigel Farage lashing out at the watching crowd throughout the BBC programme.

Ukip deputy leader Paul Nuttall said he was unsure if the party would complain about the composition of the audience, telling reporters: "All I will say is I didn't think the audience was representative of the views of British people.

"I think Nigel Farage would have done very well with people sitting at home."

Asked if adopting an attack on the audience was an easy get-out clause for dismissing opposition to Ukip's views, he said: "Oh no. People at home agree with us and that's what really matters - the millions of people at home watching this. We know, for example, on immigration, on the European Union they agree with where Ukip stands.

"What the audience in here really think is, I suppose, irrelevant."

Farage then tried to turn his unpopularity to his advantage.

One Ukip voter who was in the audience has said he is having second thoughts about backing the party and said he believed the Ukip leader had "done a couple of stupid things".

The first was his comment on the audience and the second was raising his views on people with HIV visiting the UK for NHS treatment, Mike Cripps said.

"I don't think he put himself across right. If we're just talking about the debate tonight - it's what we should be talking about, not what he's done six years ago or two years ago or yesterday - for me, (SNP leader) Nicola Sturgeon was the best.

"She was slick, she was well prepared, she had been well briefed, that's my personal opinion. Ed Miliband - it was like he was reading off a script."

Cripps, who works in the security industry, added: "Personally as a previous Ukip voter, I don't think (Mr Farage) had a great night - even though the polls are saying slightly different from that."

Asked what he meant by "previous Ukip voter", Mr Cripps said: "I was going to vote Ukip and I might still consider voting for Ukip.

"Strangely enough, I just wish that all politicians of whatever colour would actually come out and start being honest when they're talking about key national issues. Let's have an honest debate."

So, here's some advice, if you're the leader of one of the country's main political parties and you're taking part in one of three live television debates.

Here's Nigel Farage's guide of what not to do...

1) At least smile as you're introduced.

2) But if you can't manage that then make sure you don't say the audience has a total lack of

3) Don't accuse them all of being "pretty left-wing even by the standards of the BBC".

4) Especially when they were picked by an independent poll otherwise you'll get a telling off from Dimbleby that results in this kind of audience roar...

5) And for the love of God don't use that opportunity to have another go at them!

6) Otherwise they'll make this noise...

And you've lost them.

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