Google Adds Handwriting Input To Android

While keyboards are useful, Google sees them as just one in an ever-increasing portfolio of input methods. For many, trying to type on a conventional keyboard layout isn't the quickest way to get the message across.

For some it might be speaking to their devices, for others it could be swiping across the keyboard. Well Google is releasing a major update for the little-mentioned but equally as important handwriting method.

It's a standalone app called Google Handwriting Input and it allows you to handwrite your text for any Android app. It's compatible with 82 languages in 20 scripts with the intention being that for those whose languages aren't naturally suited to the keyboard layout, this can finally be the easy alternative.

Writing on blog post, a Google spokesperson said: "By building on large-scale language modeling, robust multi-language OCR, and incorporating large-scale neural-networks and approximate nearest neighbor search for character classification, Google Handwriting Input supports languages that can be challenging to type on a virtual keyboard."

"For example, keyboards for ideographic languages (such as Chinese) are often based on a particular dialect of the language, but if a user does not know that dialect, they may be hard to use."