Ed Miliband Popularity Rise Could Be Down To His New Mastery Of His 'Image Problem'

The Labour leader all but admitted his looks on camera were not going to win him the election.

Last year he told the Huffington Post: "What I’m saying to you, and let me answer [your question] in my own way: I think principles do matter more than photos ops.

"I think if people want somebody who will put good press coverage, good photo ops, before their principles, than David Cameron is clearly that person.

"If they want someone who will put their principles first, who thinks they are more important than photo opportunities, then I am that person. And, in a way, this week of all weeks is a week when you see the difference."

But over the last few weeks something remarkable has happened - Ed's got his mojo on.

Labour MP Sadiq Kahn said: ""I think he has grown. When you become leader you either grow or you shrink. And he has grown.

"The last three weeks of the campaign, he has been relishing it. The public has seen the real Ed.

"I have always said the more the public see of Ed the more he will win them over. He is a thoroughly decent man. He very ambitious for the country but also he is driven and strong and resilient."

"He has got his mojo. He is in the zone. He is loving the campaign, he is loving meeting people."

Here's how the transformation unfolded...

21 May 2014

Ed Milibands Sexpot Evolution

Miliband's rise to sexpot is also reflected in the polls. A recent survey for YouGov found Labour's 'ready for government' rating has risen from -35% in September to -11% today.

While still heavily in negative territory, a 24% increase is nothing to be sniffed at.

And if that wasn't enough, the internet is catching on...

Robert Downey Jr:

Jon Snow:

James Dean:

The Rock:

Don Draper:

Indiana Jones:

Tony Montana:

Brad Pitt in 'Fight Club':

Daniel Craig as Bond:

Even Harry Styles:

And last but by no means least - model David Gandy:

Oh, and here's a reminder of how he looked in 2009...

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