Dog Causes Traffic Delays By Driving Tractor Onto Scottish Motorway

Traffic delays occurred on a busy Scottish motorway on Wednesday morning after a tractor careened out of control as a dog took to the wheel.

The bizarre incident occurred at junction 13 of the M74 near Abington in South Lanarkshire and was reported by Traffic Scotland, which tweeted: “#M74 (N) J13-RTC due to dog taking control of tractor… nope, not joking. Farmer & police at scene, vehicle in central reservation. #maycausetailbacks.

The dog had reportedly leant on the controls of the tractor sending it out of the field it was ploughing and into the motorway.

The vehicle was moved to the central reservation and the dog and farmer were unhurt.

Traffic Scotland updated its 85,000 followers shortly afterwards, informing them: “#M74 (N) at J13 – Route is CLEAR from earlier incident & dog is fine. Has to be the weirdest thing we’ve ever reported! No delays in area.”

Naturally, the incident birthed a number of pithy comments about the adventurous canine...