23/04/2015 13:11 BST | Updated 17/04/2017 11:15 BST

16 Most Awkward And Embarrassing Celebrity TV Interviews Including Robert Downey Jr, Katie Hopkins And Russell Brand

From Robert Downey Jr losing his cool with Krishnan Guru-Murthy to Chelsea Handler struggling to make conversation with Katie Price on her former US talk show, there are few things that grab our attention quite like an awkward celebrity interview.

True, they're not much fun for the stars involved, and sometimes they can even be so uncomfortable we resort to watching them through our fingers, but we can't deny hitting that replay button over and over whenever a celeb lands themselves in an embarrassing interview situation.

As you can see from our collection below, plenty of stars have found themselves at the centre of an awkward interview moment, and here are just 16 of the most cringe-inducing and toe-curling moments to befall a celeb...

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