23/04/2015 14:31 BST | Updated 23/06/2015 10:12 BST

This Will Scare The Boys Off! Protective Dad Gives Daughter A T-Shirt Showing His Beefy Body


A protective dad has come up with a controversial way to scare boys away from his young daughter - by making her wear a T-shirt bearing a picture of his super-ripped muscly body along with the caption: "Stay clear boys...this is my dad."

The beefy father shared a picture of himself grinning alongside his less-than-impressed daughter wearing the T-shirt on Reddit under the headline: "Dad security."

It was quickly shared on Facebook by Kit Dale, a two-time World Pro Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion from Melbourne, Australia, where it has been Liked more than 370,000 times and shared more than 45,000 times.

Kit wrote: "Hahahha smart dad."

But others ridiculed the post.

One wrote: "Dads thought process: How can I tell more people I work out, and not look like a tool?"

Another added: "How about a shirt that says 'attention boys...this is my body and I do what I want with it...neither you nor my dad make any of the rules...and ps I may not even be into boys'."

For all the criticism, though, isn't the dad simply striking a chord about the protective way fathers feel towards their daughters?

Just recently, David Beckham - father of three boys and a girl, three-year-old Harper - admitted that having a daughter is like nothing he ever expected.

He said: "To have a daughter is a whole different thing. I'm not saying I love my daughter more, but the boys are independent."

When asked how he will cope when Harper eventually starts to date, David joked: "She's not going out. She's going to be like Rapunzel - up in the tower."

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