27/04/2015 09:31 BST | Updated 27/04/2015 09:59 BST

Rupert Murdoch Believes Scotland Will Be Independent From UK Within The 'Next Few Years'

Rupert Murdoch believes that Scotland will become independent from the UK in the “next few years” and that if the Conservatives fail to win a majority David Cameron could face "the chop" after the General Election.

In a post on Twitter the News Corp boss wrote: "Scots may be crazy or not wanting self rule, but who can deny right of self determination? Feels inevitable over next few years.”

Murdoch said the Scottish National Party viewed Cameron as the “perfect enemy” and that the party was “cleverly hurting” Ed Miliband.

He added that a failure to win a majority in the election “would mean the chop” for Cameron as Conservative leader.

Rupert Murdoch's tweets on how he believes Scotland will be independent from the UK

Cameron won 306 seats in the 2010 election to defeat Labour prime minister Gordon Brown but failed to win a majority. Current polls suggest neither Cameron or Miliband will win a majority this election.

Murdoch, seen here at the TIME 100 Gala, celebrating the 100 most influential people in the world, said regardless of how many votes Labour and the Conservatives gain "the Scots will probably hold the balance"

Murdoch, 84, said regardless of how many votes Labour and the Conservatives gain, "the Scots will probably hold the balance".

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Murdoch predicted that the economic divide between London and the rest of the UK would only deepen, saying: "UK already seems 2 countries, London and the rest!"

Murdoch visited Scotland on the eve of the September independence referendum and praised the country for its level of engagement in the debate.

The Scots rejected independence, but the SNP is predicted to win the majority of Scotland's seats in the May 7 General Election making it the third largest party. And its leader Nicola Sturgeon has not ruled out holding another referendum.

Over the weekend the Conservatives tried to win favour by warning that a Labour/SNP pact would be the the worst constitutional crisis since the abdication crisis when Edward VIII gave up the throne in 1936.

Theresa May said it would raise "questions of legitimacy" for a Labour government to only be able to hold power with backing from the Scottish Nationalists and be the biggest crisis in 79 years.


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