Controversial Anonymity App 'Secret' Is Being Shut Down

Anonymous App 'Secret' Is No More

The controversial anonymity app 'Secret' is being shut down after the company's CEO David Byttow revealed that it did 'not represent the vision I had when starting the company'.

Byttow confirmed the closure of the company via Twitter saying: "With a heavy heart, I've decided to shut down Secret, wind-down the company, and return the remaining money."

While the entrepreneur wouldn't reveal why he was closing 'Secret' the app has come under fire for becoming a hotbed of online abuse.

As the Guardian points out, major investors have become disenfranchised with the app and others like it as they can so often become arenas of online abuse, giving voice to people who want to target others without feeling the repercussions of their actions.

Byttow has since started the process of closing down the service and the app has already been removed from both Google Play and Apple's App Store.

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