Kate Middleton Royal Baby: Kensington Palace Twitter Account Trolls Everyone With Cheeky Tweet

Whoever is at the controls of the Kensington Palace Twitter account has a wicked sense of humour if today is anything to by.

On Thursday afternoon the account tweeted an image of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge holding a newborn baby to its 210,000 followers.

The Duchess continues to confound an expectant populace by remaining very, very pregnant and the picture was of course of Kate and William introducing their son George to the masses back in 2013, accompanied by the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday.

The hashtag is the name of a weekly social media trend that users participate in to look back on times passed.

But given the anticipation surrounding the now overdue royal baby, and the fact the official birth announcement will be made via the account, the image sent some into a veritable meltdown.

“You tease!”, “This is torture” and “Stop trolling us this is mean” were just some of the responses.

Vanessa Austin astutely remarked: “Well played. Pretty sure you just sent the press into a frenzy!” while Katie Storey accused: “This is a really cruel tweet.”

The Duchess was expecting to give birth to her second child - a brother or sister to Prince George - in mid to late April, but she is now several days overdue.

On Thursday Prince William's father Prince Charles revealed he is hoping for a granddaughter.

Charles told a 100-year-old military veteran at Windsor Castle that he hoped his second grandchild would be a girl as he joked with the centenarian about the difficulties of having a daughter.

Lynda Bateman, whose father, Eric Jones, is the oldest surviving member of the Welsh Guards, said: "My father introduced me as his daughter and Prince Charles asked how many daughters he had.

"My father said 'One - and that's enough' and Charles laughed and said 'And we're hoping for a granddaughter!'"

Earlier, the Duchess of Cornwall told the wife of another veteran that there was still no news about whether Kate was about to go into labour.

Maureen Morris, whose husband Bill served with the Welsh Guards between 1952 and 1955, said: "I asked if she had any news and she said 'No'. I said 'It will be great when it happens'."

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