Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Are Getting Serious... He's Met Her Cats! (PIC)

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may have been trying to keep their relationship under wraps, but the DJ has now revealed that they’ve taken a rather serious step.

Thanks to the wonder that is Instagram, we now know that Calvin… *drumroll*... has met her cats.

We’re not interested in Facebook relationship updates or joint Christmas cards, this is the real measure of how serious a couple are.

When Calvin shared the cute snap of Taylor’s moggies, the singer’s fans rushed to like and comment on the photo.

Taylor and Calvin are yet to publicly discuss their relationship, however they have been spotted enjoying a number of low-key dates.

Eagle-eyed fans have also worked out that the pair have been spending a lot of time together thanks to a series of matching Instagram posts.

Calvin shared a picture of Ellie Goulding and the band Haim earlier in the week, and Ellie shared another snap from the same party, where she was posing with Taylor. You can’t fool us, guys.


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