Before And After Pictures Show What Ten Weeks Of Extreme Fitness Dedication Can Do

Three men have have transformed their beer bellies into six-packs after embarking on the ten-week Men’s Healthfitness transformation.

Jamie Sage, James Fisher and Daniel Masoliver have shed their fat and put on muscle in a bid to feel better about their bodies and kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

Jamie Sage, 34

Sharing the reason for his lifestyle change, Sage, 34 reveals: “With a seven-month-old boy at home, this was my last chance to get fit before becoming a ‘fat dad’.

"I learnt that if you’re a new dad, or even an old one, it’s not too late. But you will need help.”

Squeezing in training sessions with personal trainer James Hardy, while also juggling a busy working life and looking after his newborn son, Sage lost 12cm from his waist – more than one cm per week of training.

James Fisher, 25

Like many health-conscious men, Fisher, 25, was already a keen gym member but had found himself in a rut. “I looked after myself, but wasn’t seeing the results,” he reveals.

“I wanted to find out if I could be more than just your regular gym-goer, so I turned to Rich Tidmarsh at Reach Fitness.

"I was amazed by what I could achieve, with just a few tweaks to my food and exercise habits. 10 weeks really isn’t too much to give.”

Daniel Masoliver, 29

Daniel Masoliver, 29, was a “skinny fat” cardio convert who had never lifted weights before in his life and carried a stubborn roll of fat around his belly.

“My trainer James Conci-Mitchell put me on a weightlifting plan so simple I was sceptical it would work,” he says. “But it did, and then some.”

Masoliver not only put on 4kg of muscle, but halved his body fat, significantly reducing his risk of heart disease.

Of course, the transformation wasn’t without sacrifice: “Nights out with friends were necessarily dry – in every sense of the word,” says Masoliver. “But visible abs feel like just reward for all my social sacrifices.”

As obesity and heart disease rates among British men reach record high levels, Masoliver, Sage and Fisher knew that it was more important than ever to make lifestyles choices that ensure their long-term health.

And it's safe to say the three men, who all work at Men's Health, have come a long way over the past couple of months.

Men’s Health editor Toby Wiseman adds: “The physical results that the challengers have achieved is proof that truly anyone, with the right attitude, can make massive positive changes to their physiques in just 10 weeks.”

“While their transformations have been impressive, the real challenge comes now in taking on the lessons they’ve learned to maintain their newly healthy lifestyles.

"The 10-week mark doesn’t signal the end of their challenge, but heralds the start of a healthy, sustainable new outlook.”

Check out the full before and after photos and discover how to transform your own body in just 10 weeks in the Men’s Health June issue on sale Friday 1 May.

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