03/05/2015 14:40 BST | Updated 03/05/2015 16:59 BST

Nick Clegg Takes Time Out Of General Election Campaiging To Read Out Mean Tweets About Himself

Nick Clegg has become the latest public figure - and first politician fighting the general election - to read out mean tweets about himself.

Speaking to The Sun Nation aboard his battle bus, Clegg read out tweets with "extremely graphic" language, the according to the paper's video.

In a segment is entitled 'I Clegg Your Pardon?!' Clegg followed in the footsteps of Barack Obama to read out mean tweets about himself.

The deputy prime minister, who is desperately fighting to hang on to his own Sheffield Hallam seat in Thursday's election, took two and a half precious minutes, which he could have spent campaigning, to reflect on whether he was a "shit" or looked like he had "scrotal skin" on the back of his neck.

He started with an easy one:

"Do I? Well maybe TopGnu you have a very small, little face," Clegg, deputy prime minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, zinged back.

He followed it up with this from singer songwriter Tom McRae:

The deputy prime minister, who was described as the most powerful liberal since David Lloyd George, said: "That's nice Tom, I guess that makes you a floating voter?"

Next was this:

Clegg said: "So first it's my face and now it's my hands? I think they're alright aren't they? Not too big?"

He moved on to the seriously crude with this:

Clegg said: "That's really worrying FluffCustard because you'd only know that if you'd been following me from behind. So stop doing that."

Clegg then refused to read a tweet that call him a "c**t". But it got worse when the next tweeter got his mum involved:

"Leave my mum out of it," Clegg said.

The next one spoiled Clegg's next policy announcement.