04/05/2015 09:11 BST | Updated 04/05/2015 09:59 BST

#Milifandom Teen Gets 'Amazing Call' From Miliband After The Sun Journalists Doorstep Her And Her Family

The teenager behind the #Milifandom movement has had a supportive call from her political crush - Ed Miliband - having revealed her family's anguish at being doorstepped at their homes by tabloid journalists.

Last night Abby, 17, tweeted that she had received an "amazing phone call with someone amazing and it was amazing", before clarifying that Miliband had "just totally rang me up".

Yesterday the teenager, whose movement led to a torrent of tweets sweeping Miliband to social media fame - and even a movie being made of him, Milibae: The Movie - spoke of how journalists from The Sun had visited both of her parents' homes, as well as her grandmother, a day after the story broke about her fandom on April 21.

Abbey, pictured in a #Milifandom t-shirt, in an image taken from her Twitter account, was called by her political crush, Ed Miliband