‘Coronation Street' Fan Mary Berry Blasts The Soap's Recent Storylines

'Corrie' Fan Mary Blasts The Soap's Latest Storylines

Lifelong ‘Coronation Street’ fan Mary Berry has dealt the show’s bosses a blow, revealing that she no longer tunes in to watch the soap.

‘Great British Bake Off’ judge Mary has shared her reasons for ditching the show, stating that the latest storylines just aren’t jolly enough.

Mary Berry

During a chat with Radio Times, she explains: “I used to watch ‘Coronation Street’ but it was totally different then.

“I don’t really want to watch the stuff that goes on now — the fighting, the drama, the stories about rape, children out of wedlock. I want something a little bit happier on my television, something gentle that’s not going to disturb and worry me.”

Mary does have a point as, in recent months, things have got rather serious on ‘Corrie’.

We're going to assume that Tracy's evil ways won't convince Mary to start tuning in again

One recent storyline saw 13-year-old Faye give birth, while another ongoing plot is a custody battle between David and Calum.

In the coming weeks, fans will see Tracy Barlow take centre stage, when she gets revenge on her nemesis Carla Connor. There will also be a huge fire in the flats at the end of the month.

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