How To Wear Four Suits 40 Different Ways

Thought there was only one way to wear a suit? Think again.

GQ's creative director Jim Moore is here to prove that this style staple is the most versatile item in your wardrobe.

The men's magazine believes "you will never look better than you do when you're wearing a great suit", and there's no need to reserve the look for weddings or job interviews.

With a little inventive styling a suit can be just as, erm, suited to a trip to the pub or a first date. And the best part? You can see all Moore's styling tips in just 40 seconds.

The Four Suits

Khaki: Pair with patterned shirts, black jumpers or even a red hoodie and trainers.

Navy: Smarten up with a cream, white or grey shirt, or add a striped T-shirt for a more relaxed vibe.

Plaid: Experiment with textures - try denim or linen shirts - and don't shy away from busy patterns, you can clash tastefully.

Grey: This neutral colour goes with almost anything, so you can get creative or stay classic. Try quirky accessories like snapbacks and backpacks.

And don't forget about accessorising your wrists.

You can mix and match your eyewear too.

Pocket squares can be, surprisingly, seriously stylish.

Now go out and show the world how this wardrobe cornerstone has stepped up!

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